newsgroup name parsing..

Fabien Tassin fta at
Sun Mar 11 15:58:55 UTC 2001

Are the following newsgroup names acceptable ?

    From: Jay Denebeim <jaydenebeim at>
    Control: newgroup -.mongrelmind-shiteating-dog
    Newsgroups: alt.config,-.mongrelmind-shiteating-dog
    Subject: cmsg newgroup -.mongrelmind-shiteating-dog
    Message-ID: <c58matcfvrl701ij1o0luqjm80s7rr1kln at>

Producing :

    jaydenebeim at asks for -.mongrelmind-shiteating-dog
    to be created.
    If this is acceptable, type:
      /news/bin/ctlinnd newgroup -.mongrelmind-shiteating-dog y
jaydenebeim at

it doesn't match anything except the default rule in control.ctl.

Fabien Tassin -+- fta at

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