updated IPv6 patch

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Sun Mar 11 19:04:28 UTC 2001

On Mar 11, Russ Allbery <rra at stanford.edu> wrote:

 >> I finished merging the original patch and fixed the multiple sockets
 >> problem in rc.c.  I still have to add PRIORITISE_REMCONN support for
 >> multiple sockets, but the daemon works fine without it.  Identd support
 >> is still disabled.
I did some more work on the patch and rewritten the original ident code
in nnrpd, which was really ugly.
The bug with multiple listening socket in rc.c has not been fixed,
I have to look some more at the code to understand where it's broken.

 >> TODO:
 >> - nnrpd -D
 >> - innd without inndstart
 >I actually have no problems with always using inndstart.  The alternative
Thinking again about it, I realized the listening code is needed anyway
for implementing nnrpd -D, so I will write a library function which will
be used by both programs (inndstart will continue to use its own code).

 >is to put the setup code into some sort of shared function used by both
 >innd and inndstart, but I can't see any real drawbacks to just requiring
 >people to always use inndstart... maybe because if one has multiple builds
 >of innd with different names, one would then need multiple builds of
 >inndstart?  I guess it could be more annoying for some really odd

 >The patch looks fine so far; I'm willing to throw it in when you think
 >it's ready.
I hope it will be finished in a week, I'm not sure I'll have the time to
work on it in the next days.


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