Which Version?

David.Smith at esa.int David.Smith at esa.int
Wed Mar 14 13:20:14 UTC 2001

I've been given the responsibility of replacing the news server here. The
one I'm replacing is running INN version 1.7. This is totally stable and
customer is quite happy with its performance. Unfortunately the server is
only man enough to support one site, and changes at the network
configurations level mean that it will now have to support four sites,
space bar with around 2500 users.

I'm a bit concerned about the security risks with continuing at version
1.7, but I haven't got the time, and, more importantly, my client hasn't
got the money for me to spend time experimenting with the variation
options that Storage Manager gives. Since I'm hearing things about
tradspool under Storage Manager that make me a little wary, I think that
cuts out moving to version 2.3.

I'm not a news expert, more of a general UNIX consultant, so I'd like to
poll the views of the group on this. Is version 1.7 a really much of a
security risk? How flaky is tradspool under Storage Manager? As far as I
can see the last version without Storage Manager is 2.1. Is this secure
and stable?

If it makes any difference we're going to be running the new server under
Solaris 8 (32-bit) on a multiprocessor Sun Enterprise 250.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Dave Smith
David O Smith
Somerford Consultancy Ltd

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