INN 2.3: what's the primary source for high & low marks?

Ilya Etingof ilya at
Sun Mar 18 19:12:16 UTC 2001


I'm going to upgrade the machine where my INN 2.3.1 based newsread server
is running. Since I need to reuse the disks, the CNFS & buffindexed
overview buffers are going to be trashed. All I could backup and move to
the new server is the active file and the tradspool filesystem (where a few
local newsgroups live).

My question is what would be the right technique to build overview for
the tradspool based articles and preserve active file's high & low marks
for the rest of the newsgroups?

I guess that if I run the makehistory & makedbz tools after I bring the
new system up, then I would get history & overview data for my tradspool
articles (high & low marks would be comprised from the Xref: articles'
field?), as well as the group.index file would be built from my active
file's high & low marks.

Then, as I start feeding my new server with regular newsfeed, INN would
index newly arrived articles starting from the high mark retained
from my old server (based on either active or group.index file).

Will this plan work out or it is not quite correct?

What is the master source of high & low marks in INN 2.3 -- active or
group.index file? What are the relationships between these files
on a buffindexed newsread server?


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