Perl filtering, pathological patterns

Brandon Hume hume at Den.BOFH.Halifax.NS.Ca
Mon Mar 19 18:32:56 UTC 2001

I sent this earlier under the wrong thread, or perhaps I accidentally sent it
Marco.  Either way, I'm a git.  Sorry about that.

Here's it done properly this time, hopefully.


Despite efforts, my 2.3.0 server is still running into situations where the
anti-binary filters will spin out and lock the server up for an hour at a 
time processing a single article.  I can force the server to give up by
attaching with gdb and causing a return, but this obviously isn't healthy
for the server.

I know some people (like Russ) have done some science as to what can trigger
these events and how do deal with them.  I'm using Perl 5.6.0, and the rules
which trigger the effect are:

       $lines  = $hdr_hash{'__BODY__'} =~ tr/\n/\n/;

($hdr_hash{'__BODY__'} =~ 
	m%(?:^[ \t>]*(?>M[\x20-\x60]{59,60})[ \r]*\n){40}%mo ||
 $hdr_hash{'__BODY__'} =~ 
	m%(?:^[ \t>]*[A-Za-z0-9+/]{59,76}[ \r]*\n){40}%mo)) {

I can probably fix these up, but I thought I'd check with those who likely
already have first.

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