ovdb method

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at intermec.com
Tue Mar 20 18:24:49 UTC 2001

>inn 2.3.2 (20010316 prerelease) under FreeBSD, compiled with
>BerkeleyDB.3.2; vmethod: ovdb
>Just curious I see overview is taking more and more disk space
>even though some of the cycbuffs already cycled.
>from ovdb man page 
>"With BerkeleyDB 2.x, the db files are 'grow only';
>the library will not shrink them, even if data is removed"
>Should I expect the same under 3.2?

That statement is not true for 3.x.  The database library
is able to shrink a db file.  But in practice, you won't
see ovdb shrink unless something drastic happens like the
sudden loss of a bunch of articles (e.g., lose a CNFS buffer).

>Is it going to grow indefinitely or is there a way to clean
>it up a bit?

As long as expireover is being run regularly (from news.daily)
the size should reach an equilibrium and stop growing at some


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