Bettina Fink laura at hydrophil.de
Mon Mar 26 18:23:07 UTC 2001

Jeffrey M. Vinocur <jeff at litech.org> wrote:

>> A command line parameter for nnrpd like "-P pid-file" would be
>> sufficient for my current scenario (I have one nnrpd in daemon
>> mode on 119 and want another one with -S on 563 for SSL).
> Yeah.  Probably easiest is just to hack the source.

I'll do so as a last resort. But I hate dragging such "hacks" with
me (which I will surely forget on the next update ;-).

>> Sufficient until something like "I'd like to have nnrpd -c
>> path/to/special/readers.conf" will cross my mind. ;-)
> That is, in fact, in the more recent snapshots.

It is? I've installed inn-STABLE-20010326 some hours ago, but
nnrpd's man page doesn't mention it. Where do I have to look?


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