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| Wouldn't it be useful to re-interpret XPATH to return the Xref header
| or part thereof (perhaps mangled)? I don't think it is useful for a
| client at all to know how an article is stored (not even under
| tradspool), but it may be useful to know the newsgroup(s) it is stored
| in.

  I may be missing something, but I thought that's exactly the way it
worked... to provide Xref info if the server doesn't include it in
overview or some such. Of course from the RFC you could return the token
from field three of history and decide that covers the ground.

  Odd and not vastly useful, I would think. What happens if an article
is cross posted to trad and cnfs stored groups, does it return one, the
other, both, a filename and a token? Inquiring minds are mildly curious.

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