copying part of a spool from one reader to another

Chris Stromsoe cbs at
Tue May 1 04:31:54 UTC 2001

I have two readers that xrefslave off one feeder.  Both readers store
using CNFS, with traditional overview.  Last week, one of my readers
dropped a disk.  I lost 2 cycbuffs (~4gb) out of an 18 cycbuff
metacycbuff.  I've replaced the disk and would like to refeed lost
articles from the good reader to the one missing the articles. 
Configuration on both machines is identical. I've had them online since
mid-February and haven't rolled the particular metacycbuff yet, so both
should have relatively duplicate spool.  Both are running INN 2.3.1. 

My plan is to extract all the history lines from both machines that match
the storage class for the cycbuff with the missing articles, then take a
diff and extract the tokens.  Once I have the tokens, I can build an
innxmit format file, reconfigure the bad reader to take feeds from the
feeder and the good reader, set cutoff to 0, then have the good reader
feed the missing articles to the bad one. 


 -Should this work, or am I missing something obvious and/or stupid?

 -The man page for inn.conf mentions that "usually" xreflave's only have
one feeder.  Any gotchas?  Danger above and beyond normal operation?

 -I want to keep the Xref header the same so that examination of the
articles on either machine won't show any differences.  Does innxmit pass
the article completely "as is" to the system it's feeding?  Does innd in
xreflave mode try to muck with Xref to modify it to match the PTR of the
sending host?  (I don't want cases where one machine shows an article
originating from the feeder, but the other shows it originating from a

 -It looks like I'm going to have to feed around 700,000 articles over. 
Is innxmit the right way to go for this? 



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