Limiting which articles can be viewed with ARTICLE command

Matti Saarinen mjs at
Thu May 3 09:52:10 UTC 2001


I tried to search the archives but I could not find the solution to
this problem. The INN version is 2.4.0 (20010416 prerelease).

I want to create a newgroup which cannot be accessed without
authentication which in this case would be done with RADIUS. The
authentication works fine, posting is not allowed without
authentication and neither are commands GROUP and ARTICLE <number> and
LIST does not display the group.  There is one but: when I type the
command ARTICLE <Message-ID>, nnrpd displays the article.

The readers.conf looks like this:

auth "fi-domain" {
        hosts: "*.fi"
        default: <FI>


auth "intra" {
        hosts: "*" 
        auth: radius
        key: intra

access "fi" {
        users: <FI>
        newsgroups: "tut.*,uta.*,finet.*,sfnet.*,!"
        access: R


access "intra" {
        key: intra
        newsgroups: *
        access: RP

Actually the hosts that fall under the auth group fi-domain can access
all the articles in all the groups if they just request an article
with its Message-ID.

So, should nnrpd behave like it does? Have I misunderstood something,
eg. the way readers.conf is parsed.?

- Matti -

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