New controlchan landed

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun May 6 03:25:09 UTC 2001

After various adventures in MIME decoding, the controlchan update has
finally landed.  All of the control message programs are now in a
subdirectory called control/ in the source tree, and still install into
the same place as they always did in the installation tree (except for
docheckgroups which now lives in bin).

Thanks very much to Marco d'Itri for all of his work.

All controlchan modules are in control/modules/ and the control Makefile
just installs anything ending in *.pl put in that directory, so it should
now be pretty trivial to write and use one's own control message
processing module for some custom control message if one wanted.  (Even
more trivial than before.)

tale wants to maintain a single pgpverify script that can handle both
GnuPG and PGP, so I'm going to take a look at merging gpgverify (Marco's
new version) and pgpverify into a single program and then send those
changes to tale for the separate pgpverify distribution.  It doesn't look
like it would be too hard.

I haven't tested the new code yet; I'm going to do a build on my test
server and install it and then see how things go.  Folks tracking CURRENT
should be aware that control message handling may be a bit unstable for
the next few days as we shake out any bugs I might have introduced in the
process of importing all of the code.

Once the new controlchan is confirmed to be stable, I'm going to rip out
all of the old shell-script control message processing.  Folks who want to
process control messages will need to run controlchan.  The new version
should work fine even with Perl versions that don't have Sys::Syslog, and
if it doesn't, we'll fix it until it does.  The shell script stuff is just
too hairy to try to keep, IMO.

Russ Allbery (rra at             <>

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