Current glibc options for largefile

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Wed May 2 18:50:16 UTC 2001

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Alex Kiernan  <alexk at> wrote:
| davidsen at (bill davidsen) writes:
| > After all the discussion of largefile support under Linux, I see that
| > the current (0502) version still configs with the same options, no
| > XOPEN_SOURCE or GUN_SOURCE here. Moreover, it now doesn't seem to
| > compile happily, getting an error if I add the options to
| > by hand.
| > 
| I think you'll need to configure with them, something like:
| CFLAGS=xxxxx ./configure 

I've been putting them in by hand, but the question is,
which flags generate a working version these days? Looks like adding
-DXOPEN_SOURCE=500 gets a compile, GNU_SOURCE results in compile

Just wondering, I've been running sm, innxmit and innfeed built from
20010222 and the rest from 20010411 to get a reliable (sorta) machine.

Just wondering if there was a known valid flags set, and why configure
doesn't use it, now that we've talked it to death... I'll go see if I
can detect it reliably automatically, before doing something by hand.

Expect patches or complaints later this week ;-)
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