pure intranet news server...

Ed Halley ed at explorati.com
Tue May 8 21:33:26 UTC 2001

New to the mailing list, but I did scan some back history on
the archives.

I want the barest, simplest configuration for an intranet
news server.  No feeds from other nntp servers, no feeds to
other nntp servers.  One machine, one server, any number of
user clients.

The INSTALL docs pretty much stop once you've booted the
service.  There's no sections on "troubleshooting a client
connection," which would have been very helpful in this case.
I'm getting 502 "No right to talk" errors, but am unclear
on how to arrange for clients to authenticate.

It appears there's
	~news/etc/passwd.nntp   (not /etc/passwd-style crypted)

Can someone give me the simplest configuration for client
connections?  Since it's intranet, we can start with the
naive trust model of "allow anyone to read, allow anyone to
post."  After that, I'll get more fancy with individual
authorizations, etc.

Thanks in advance...

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