Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) compliancy?

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed May 9 13:29:18 UTC 2001

James Ralston <qralston+ml.inn-workers at> writes:

> Under the FHS, the cnfsstat, convdate, fastrm, grephistory, inndf,
> nntpget, sm, simpleftp, and shrinkfile programs (just off the top of my
> head) are all potential candidates for /usr/bin.  The ctlinnd, inncheck,
> innstat, makeactive, makehistory, and prunehistory programs (again, just
> off the top of my head) are all potential candidates for /usr/sbin.  Any
> program that's not designed to be invoked directly by a user or system
> administrator in any way should be thrown into some subdirectory of
> /usr/lib/inn.

Here's a first pass at this division; check me on this and tell me what
you think:

For /usr/bin:

  actmerge cnfsstat convdate fastrm getlist grephistory inews inndf
  shlock shrinkfile signcontrol simpleftp sm

For /usr/sbin:

  cnfsheadconf controlbatch ctlinnd docheckgroups expire expireover
  inncheck innstat makedbz makehistory mod-active newsrequeue nntpget
  ovdb_init ovdb_stat procbatch prunehistory pullnews rnews

For /usr/lib/inn:

  batcher buffchan controlbatch controlchan cvtbatch expirerm filechan
  imapfeed innconfval innd inndstart innfeed innmail innreport innwatch
  innxbatch innxmit mailpost news.daily news2mail nnrpd nntpsend
  ovdb_monitor ovdb_server overchan scanlogs send-ihave send-nntp
  send-uucp sendbatch sendxbatches startinnfeed tally.control writelog

  And all subdirectories of the current PATHBIN.

Not sure:

  actsync actsyncd      -- actsync can be run by hand, actsyncd is
                           normally run from cron but added by the
                           administrator, not as part of INN's install

  gpgverify pgpverify   -- Normally run by controlchan, but sometimes it's
                           useful to verify messages by hand.  Probably
                           /usr/lib/inn, though

> What I *thought* we wanted was to be able to say:

>     $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-fhs-compliance
>     $ make prefix=/tmp/inn-build-root/usr install

> ...and have everything go exactly where it's supposed to go under the
> FHS.  That's what package builders are used to, and they won't screw it
> up.

I'm fairly sure that's what I want to be able to say (except that I think
that should be make DESTDIR=/tmp/inn-build-root install).

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