setting up multiple servers, one master and 3 readers

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Wed May 9 15:56:04 UTC 2001


I am following the information in the INN How-To

The feeder, which is the master will permit the individual to read and post
on that machine.

The access permissions have been set in the readers.conf file, where
everyone can read and post  on this server.

The question that I have is that the documentation mentions the
incoming.conf, how would I use this for the users?

On the slave machine we did try to start using inndstart -P 433 but it did
not forward the post to the feeder.

I see that there used to be an -S where one could specify the master server
when running on the slave is this still needed?

This is the following error message is coming from the master:

Coming from innfeed cxnsleep can't read response :

What does the error message mean?

In the master, the article never appears.

Thanks for your help,


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