hipcrime groups? newgroup cci.hipcrime y hipclown at xmbmnhi.mil (fwd)

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Fri May 11 15:30:48 UTC 2001

Paul Reilly <pareilly at tcd.ie> writes:

> Is anyone else getting mailbombed with new group requests for "hipcrime"
> ?  I got about 20 or so last week, and today another 20-30 of them, for
> creating himcrime groups under every conceivable category. Who's behind
> this, and how do we make it stop?

Just run controlchan and let your news server ignore them all.  You
probably want to fiddle with your control.ctl to ignore all newgroup
messages in alt.* while you're at it; I just read control.newgroup with a
killfile instead if I want to see what people are trying to create.

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