missing articles and incomplete posts after crash

ratze at project-phobos.de ratze at project-phobos.de
Thu May 17 22:26:15 UTC 2001

Hi there,

I need some help with my INN (version 2.2.2) after a crash last night.

I restarted INN w/o any probs. After some testing I discovered the

1) I am not able to post to all my groups anymore. some work, some don't. 
  New messages are sent to INN w/o failure msgs - but they just don't show
  up in the groups.

2) Parts of my older articles and the ones postet yesterday are not shown
anymore. I looked into my /var/spool/news archive and *all* news items i
missed are still there (phew).

My best guess was that the history file could have been somehow damaged,
so I rebuilt it with makehistory - but with no visible results - still
the same messages as before. 
How can i get *all* my exisiting messages back into my news ?

I am using INN as an internal forum for me and my friends. I don't feed   
from other servers atm.

Initially I set up my inn.conf and feeds to never expire my posts.
Disc space should not be a problem. I just got approx. 10 newsgroups that
sum up to approx. a 1000 news items.

Any ideas on how to recover my posts? Should I upgrade my INN ?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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