crash whilst expiring the overviewdb

John Leslie john at
Mon May 21 23:14:34 UTC 2001

John Leslie <john at> wrote:
> buffindexed.c:1590 Can't malloc 589668352 bytes: Cannot allocate memory
> It occurs when expireover (after two hours) encounters the newsgroup
> "control". I figure, since alt.* expireover'd OK, I have a while before
> I will desperately need to fix this. ;^)
> ...
> I suspect the correct solution is to put "control" in its own tiny
> cyclic-buffer, too small to run into this problem.

   Which I have done (or at least tried to do...)

> Barring that -- or before that -- I've got to wonder if the symptoms
> would disappear if I just munged the "control" lowmark to pretend
> earlier articles were already expired...
> Any opinions?

   Hearing none, I tried it.

   Actually, it's the control.cancel group:

control.cancel 0035560681 0030789950 y

   and munging either number doesn't help. :^(

   Next, I gotta wonder what would happen if I rmgrouped control.cancel.

   Any opinions?

John Leslie <john at>

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