can not read old tradspool articles after restore

dannyman dannyman at
Tue May 22 03:08:03 UTC 2001

Here's my scenario:

Was running single-site news server, FreeBSD 3.something, and an INN-stable of
that vintage.

Then the hard disk died.

I was able to recover the spool, db, and etc.

Then install that and inn-stable of a FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE box ... try various
pokery with makehistory and makedbz ... tried deleting the overview stuff and
doing makehistory -O, makedbz -i (note that history format changed) and
figuring out a few config changes in etc betwtixt versions.

Here's my problem.  My news client, tin, reads down a .newsrc that looks very
much like the active file:

0-20:08 root at news ~news/db> cat active
control 0000000009 0000000010 y
junk 0000000004 0000000005 y
tellme.vxml.grammars 0000000236 0000000237 y
tellme.vxml 0000002195 0000002195 y
tellme.vxml.interface-design 0000000052 0000000053 y 0000000138 0000000139 y 0000000233 0000000234 y 0000000218 0000000219 y 0000000059 0000000060 y
tellme.sharing.vxml 0000000127 0000000128 y 0000000016 0000000017 y 0000000006 0000000007 y
tellme.test 0000000002 0000000002 y

The high/low water marks are right around the number of articles in each spool
directory.  I can post new articles and read them just fine, I just have to
convince inn to give me the old ones.

Any idea what I should be doing here?  I'm ready to admit that I am a complete
neophyte. :)



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