How to remove old articles

Alan Baker ( ISC Networks ) Alan.Baker at
Fri May 25 10:19:03 UTC 2001

Many thanks for replies.  I now have plenty of disk space :-)


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> I've just inherited support of an old INN news server.
> The first thing I notice is that the spool directory is full 
> of a lot of old articles, ie all dated September or October 
> 1998 - about 3GB of them.  I can't see any way of getting rid 
> of them, newer stuff has all expired and be deleted properly, 
> but all these old files remain.
> Can I safely just delete (UNIX rm) all the files under the 
> articles structure? (There are no current ones as the service 
> has been down for a month)  Should I run any commands after 
> that to tidy up any databases?
> All help gratefully received while I get to grips with 
> supporting news here.

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