restricting cancel articles

Sandeep Raheja sraheja at
Sat May 26 02:53:02 UTC 2001

I am a newbie to inn as well as to other news servers too.
I have configured inn to run as a standalone server on my corporate intranet 
and i wish to use it for the purpose of maintaining interdepartmental 
communication. Currently we all use letters and faxes (hardcopies for this 

I am running INN compiled from the latest sources on RedHat 7.0. 

I want to restrict users right to cancel postings on the server. So that every 
posting on the server becomes an irreversible process and no body else other 
than the administrator has the right to cancel a posting. 

What is the easiest possible way to do it, without involving a moderator. I 
have tried with the options in readers.conf and inn.conf but see no way to get 
this done. Can somebody help me here..

Thanx in advance

Sandeep Raheja


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