New Setup Problem

BrianH at BrianH at
Mon May 28 15:00:12 UTC 2001

Yeah, tyhat is what has me baffled.

bash-2.02$ id
uid=201(news) gid=100(news)
bash-2.02$ groups

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On Sun, 27 May 2001 BrianH at wrote:

> I am getting the following upon starting 2.3.2 for the first time.
> bash-2.02$ ls -altr inndstart
> -r-sr-x---   1 root     news      190784 May 26 12:36 inndstart
> bash-2.02$ whoami
> news
> bash-2.02$
> Starting innd.
> ./ /usr/local/news/bin/inndstart: cannot execute
Run the `groups' command. Does the news user belong to the news group?


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