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Tue May 29 21:32:40 UTC 2001

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Jeffrey M. Vinocur <jeff at> wrote:
| This is what I meant to post when I found out the mailing list was funky,
| and I don't think I ever did.  So:
| [ By the way, does anybody know if the list is still closed to public
|   posting?  I don't think it should be... ]

  I think mail from members of the list should go out directly, other
mail should be held for human checking. On the other hand that assumes a
human to check, so it's probably not all that practical.
| ---
| I get a couple dozen lines like
| May 12 20:51:16 marduk innd: ME time -4294753 idle -4294754(1) artwrite
| 0(0) artlink 0(0) hiswrite 0(0) hissync 0(0) sitesend 0(0) artctrl 0(0)
| artcncl 0(0) hishave 0(0) hisgrep 0(0) perl 0(0) overv 0(0) python 0(0)
| each day, and they ended up in the unrecognized bit of the the daily
| I assume because of the negative numbers.  I don't see anything
| particularly interesting in the logs at those times.
| (This is straight 2.3.2 except for nnrpd and authprogs which are out of
| Any thoughts?

  I checked some of my log analysis programs to see what would happen if
I got that, and I'm pretty sure I don't, since that would give me really
bad output results!

  No idea what causes same.

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