question size of explanatory responses

Brian Kantor brian at UCSD.Edu
Wed May 30 17:49:54 UTC 2001

>... [textual] responses...

>   a) a length of the strings
>Are there any specified length constraints on these text strings?

They are governed by the maximum line length (as derived from RFC821-2)
as are all other NNTP responses.

>   b) a limit on the number of strings
>Are there any common limits in news clients that people have encountered?

No, there is none in the standard - since this type of reply is
used to return big stuff like news articles, subscription lists,
etc, there isn't any limit specified.

A common limit is to not accept articles over 1 megabyte in size,
which limits the article responses to about that size.

But for listings of e.g., parameter files, there is no fixed limit.
	- Brian

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