question size of explanatory responses

Brian Kantor brian at UCSD.Edu
Wed May 30 21:01:41 UTC 2001

I believe you may be referring to the 'continuation lines' on single responses,
rather than textual responses.  

200-here we are
200-we're very happy to see you
200 go ahead now

401-I don't like the way you smell
402-go away and take a bath
402 and call back later when you're clean.

There is no explicit limit on these in the standard, but don't push it -
it'd be unwise to make them very long.

Some of the continuation line strategies in older code won't cope with
folded response lines totalling more than 1 or 2 kb.  And there is no
guarantee that a client will display more than a short amount of such
a response to the customer, which is presumably why you want to do this
in the first place.

As a suggestion, I'd say that keeping them below 1024 bytes total
will prevent there from having to be an explicit limit in the next
edition of the standard. :-)
	- Brian

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