question size of explanatory responses

Brian Kantor brian at UCSD.Edu
Wed May 30 22:38:38 UTC 2001

<red faced> Thanks, Russ, you know RFC977 better than I do.  (Well, I
offer as an excuse that it's been 15 years since I wrote it...)

Section 2.4.2 of RFC977 is silent on the issue of continued status response
lines, but we did provide the safety net of RFC821 as a reference in
unresolved issues, and 821 does allow them.

So I wouldn't be surprised if someone had gone ahead and implemented them.

I don't think we should allow them still, and I withdraw my earlier reply
on using continued status replies.   Don't do it.

I will now go seek treatment for early Alzheimers.
	- Brian

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