nnrpd problem

Brendan Crowley (EEI) Brendan.Crowley at eei.ericsson.se
Thu Nov 1 21:10:22 UTC 2001

Hi again,
Thanks, I solved the problem with nnrpd spawning from the local machine.
Now I can read and post without manually spawning nnrpd.
My next question is: I have a networked Linux machine running netscape as a news reader connected via a hub. I try to connect to the newsgroups but get the Netscape Error:

Netscape's network connection was refused by the server. The server may not be accepting connections or may be busy.
Try connecting again later.

I try to telnet the server, but get just;
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused.

Can somebody please direct me to a solution?
Do I need an NNTP server running on the networked machine to be able to read/post?


> nnrpd is dead, in fact it was never spawned. This is my problem.
> How does INN spawn nnrpd, what configuration files control it?

If you telnet to port 119, what do you get?  Presumably INN which may hand
you off to nnrpd if your IP is not listed in incoming.conf -- unless you
are not running INN on port 119?

> When I manually run nnrpd as a daemon, I can read and post messages on
> the same machine, however I cannot even find the news server from
> another networked machine.

This sounds like an unrelated problem.

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