Problems with large amoung of rmgroup requests coming through.

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Nov 2 00:48:22 UTC 2001

John Leslie <john at> writes:

> Good advice: I've already disabled rmgroup for biz -- but they're all
> gone already, and I don't have a biz.* checkgroups handy. Does sombody
> want to post one?

Here's the last one I have.

biz.books.technical	Technical Books - Offers & Requirements (Moderated)
biz.caucus	Business Related Political Discussions (Moderated)
biz.clarinet	Announcements about ClariNet. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.sample	Samples of ClariNet newsgroups. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.web.sample	Sample ClariNet news in HTML format.  (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.web.xcache.small	Small images used in .web.sample.  (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.web.xcache.large	Large images used in .web.sample.  (Moderated)	Business from the ClariNet e.News. (Moderated)	Lifestyle and Entertainment. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.sports	Sports from the ClariNet e.News. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.techwire	Computers, Science, and Technology. (Moderated)	Top News from the ClariNet e.News. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.usa	News of the U.S.A. from the e.News. (Moderated)	World News from the e.News. (Moderated)
biz.comp.accounting	Dialogue: Accounting Software & Procedures (Moderated)
biz.comp.mcs	Macro Computer Solutions, Inc. news and information (Moderated)
biz.comp.telebit	Support of the Telebit modem.
biz.comp.telebit.netblazer	The Telebit Netblazer.
biz.config	Biz Usenet hierarchy configuration and administration.
biz.control	Biz hierarchy control information and messages.
biz.digex.announce	Announcements from Digex. (Moderated)	Digital Equipment Corp News & Announcements (Moderated)	DEC Newsletter, Catalog, & Journal Articles (Moderated)
biz.ecommerce	Internet retailer forum (Moderated)
biz.general	Dialogue: business operations and offerings. (Moderated)	Discussion for healthcare professionals (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.discussion	Computer Market Forum (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.mac	Macintosh Hardware and Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.pc-clone	PC-Clone Hardware/Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.other	Other computer Hardware/Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.workstation	Workstation Hdw/Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.discussion	biz.marketplace Issues Forum (Moderated)	Intl import-export. (Moderated)	Intl import-export.d (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.investors	Investment and Stocks Forum (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.non-computer	Non-Computer Merchandising (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.real-estate	Real Estate Investment Forum (Moderated)	Computer services postings (Moderated)	Network Services Forum (Moderated)	Services Offered/Wanted (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.web-design	Web Page Designer Forum (Moderated)
biz.oreilly.announce	New offerings from O'Reilly and Associates. (Moderated)
biz.pagesat	For discussion of the Pagesat Satellite Usenet Newsfeed	Pagesat Satellite Weather Postings.
biz.stolen	Postings about stolen merchandise. (Moderated)
biz.tadpole.sparcbook	Discussions on the Sparcbook portable computer.
biz.test	Biz newsgroup test messages.

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