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Anand Vidhani avidhani at
Fri Nov 2 14:11:03 UTC 2001


I am using sun Solaris 8 for the INN new server on Intel platform. 
I have installed one INN news server (Server-A) for my organization. On this server around 8 news groups and 200 articles/messages are stored.
Now I have installed the New Sun Solaris 8 for another INN news server (Server-B) on the same network, and created the same news groups on the this server.
Now my requirement is I need all my old messages/articles on the Server-B too, and I want to synchronization between both server, that means messages / articles will store on both the server if one fails other will work.
I am using tradspool method for storing the articles on both the server.
IP address of the Server-A is and Server-B is
How can we create peer of these server?. What changes we requires in innfeed.conf and incoming.conf files?.

One thing I forget to tell is, for the organization only Server-A is used they'll access from the Server-A only. I want to create only Server-B only for backup and messages/ articles backup.

Please help.

Anand Vidhani


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