nntpsend problem or outgoing not working.

gavin.chen gavin.chen at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 8 16:24:12 UTC 2001

I'm setting up a news server (INN) running RH Linux 7.1.

I've been having problem sending articles upstream to the news provider.
The problem is that "ignoring line......" whenever I run nntpsend.

sh-2.04$ ./nntpsend -d
nntpsend: [4044] start
nntpsend: [4044] stop
sh-2.04$ nntpsend: [4044:4064] begin uunet Thu Nov  8 10:53:38 EST 2001
nntpsend: [4044:4064] innxmit -a -d -t300 -T1800
mysitename.inbound.news.uu.net ..
< 200 sosrv1.dca6.maint.ops.us.uu.net NNTP Service Ready -
news at sosrv1.dca6.main
t.ops.us.uu.net (DIABLO 2.4-REL)
>mode stream
< 203 StreamOK.
Ignoring line "<3BEAA835.9F833B1E at noaa.gov>
0 at ..."
nntpsend: [4044:4064] end mci12031 Thu Nov  8 10:53:39 EST 2001

If anyone has seen this kinda problems b/4, PLEASE HELP.

Thanks for ur help in advance!


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