CNFS and Linux 2.4

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Thu Nov 8 19:44:30 UTC 2001

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Erik Heinz  <erik at> wrote:

| can anybody tell me definitely if CNFS on raw block devices is possible
| with Linux-2.4, or not? I have tried it but initialisation of the cycbuffs
| failed with "access denied" or similar.
| Currently I am using Linux-2.2.19 with rawfs from Miquel van Smoorenburg,
| but would like to migrate to 2.4. Unfortunately, rawfs seems not to be
| available for Linux-2.4.
| Any hints?

2.4, compile INN with large file support. I have the feeling you can use
a partition as a cycbuff in 2.4, but I can't remember any details. I
believe someone did a benchmark and found the overhead of the filesystem
was not worth mentioning.

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