Time delay needed for inital article after posting the control article for the group

Lisa Ungar lungar at us.ibm.com
Wed Nov 14 00:00:23 UTC 2001


I have notice  that a time delay is needed when trying the post the first
initial article after using Control articles to create a new group.

We have a porgram that post a control article to our primary server, which
gets sent to all of the mirrors no problem. The program then submits a
welcome post inside the new newsgroup, which depending on the length of the
delay it doesn't get sent to the mirrors.

Anything less then a 30 second delay , the welcome article, only stays on
the master machine.  The news logs (message-ids) do show that the master
machine does attempt to feed the mirrors.  The logs says that article is
missing when innfeed trys to deliver it.

With 30 second delay, the articles do get sent to the mirrors.  I was
wondering if the 30 delay was needed because something is being updated on
the inn server?  If one submitted the welcomel post directly on the primary
machine, would that reduce the 30 delay needed for the innfeed process?

Thanks for your help,,


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