nnrpd is not invoked by innd

Katsuhiro Kondou Katsuhiro_Kondou at isc.org
Fri Nov 16 05:39:07 UTC 2001

In article <GMUC4Y$I1oS2nXYMj2RK1qQl0TITVS69zWCrkW0nJdSGPv_vNV6rPbE at tiscali.fr>,
	"souadh at libertysurf.fr" <souadh at libertysurf.fr> wrote;

} the problem
} nnrpd doesn't run, it is not invoked by innd , why ??
} nothing in the log 

Something should be logged, otherwise you need to examine
syslog setting.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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