Problems feeding news

Nathan Coraor nate at
Mon Nov 19 18:53:55 UTC 2001

Hi all...

I'm setting up 2.3.2 on a new server, and have the old server feeding articles
to it.  Messages get TO the new server, but posts on the new one aren't
feeding back to the old one.  I have the following set in newsfeeds:

        :Tc,Wnm*:/var/news/bin/startinnfeed -y\

Is this set up correctly?  Is there something else I need to check on either
server to figure out what's up?  All I noticed that was odd was that in
news.notice on the old news server (which is running 1.5.1), there are no
lines like the following in it for my new server:

Nov 19 01:36:24 news innd: checkpoint seconds 1752 acce
pted 1846 refused 189 rejected 354

All I get is this, when the new server is started:

Nov 19 13:41:56 news innd: connected 25 streaming allowed
Nov 19 13:41:56 news innd: NCmode "mode stream" receiv

So it looks like the new server (wintermute) is connecting, but not feeding
any articles?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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