nntpget command

Anand Vidhani avidhani at ggn.aithent.com
Wed Nov 28 09:56:13 UTC 2001

Hello Sir
I want to transfer(download) messages from remote server to local computer.
For this i am using nntpget command as mentioned in this website.(contents I
have copied here.)
but the problem is some messages are rejected when I download.
why is it so?.
any suggestion.



Now get in touch with your ISP news administrator and ask him/her if your
machine (demo.strhold.it) is allowed to connect with the remote news server
(basically, the ISP has to insert your machine name in its nnrp.access
file); also, ask if the remote server does allow the use of the newnews
command. This is a particular NNTP extension which allows the news client to
pick a specific group and to download articles which have been posted after
a specific date; I know that most servers DO NOT have this extension enabled
due to security reason so you have to ask before proceeding.

If the ISP administrator tells you that you can safely use the newnews
command, then you can use the nntpget binary to retrieve the articles
related to the it.test group (or whichever group you did choose); as
previously stated, the newnews command allows you to retrieve articles which
have been posted after a specific date. nntpget will use the modification
time of a locally created file in order to drive the download so it's time
to create that file. Bring the machine down to single sure mode (just in
case) and use asktime to bring the date back in the past (suppose now it's
01/10/1999; you can direct asktime to set the system date to 01/01/1999);
once returned to the shell promtp, create the file as follows:

touch /tmp/it.test

(change the file name accordingly to the group chosen)

Next, use asktime to set the correct date back and bring the system to multi
user mode; once your connection to the ISP is activated (you should be able
to ping it or telnet it to port 119) issue the following command:

nntpget -o -v -u /tmp/it.test -n it.test bbs.strhold.it

(change bbs.strhold.it with the name of your remote ISP news server)

You should see the list of retrieved articles depicted on the screen (-v


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