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bill davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Wed Nov 28 13:55:26 UTC 2001

In article <20011127101228.B45865 at duckling.worldonline.nl>,
Frans Dogge  <fransd at worldonline.nl> wrote:

| My newsserver with inn-2.3.2 won't accept local posts. I getthis error in
| my logs:  rnews: unknown_reply after ihave 480 Transfer permission
|  denied
| Can someone point me in the right direction, as I have no clue where to
| find the solution to this problem.

To start with, I'm not sure why you are getting rnews used at all for
local posts... Normally you would be using POST commands, not IHAVE. You
can add localhost to incoming.conf, but I would suspect some other
problem in your setup. Check the value (and man page) for postinghost in
inn.conf, you might be trying to do a feed to yourself, rather than just

If you continue to have problems post again and tell us how you actually
try to inject the article. If you are running an NNTP client, I wouldn't
expect this error at all from a reader client.
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