readers.conf question

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Wed Nov 28 15:35:26 UTC 2001

  Hello All. I have a question regardless to readers.conf in INN
  2.3.1 (from FreeBSD ports)

  My readers.conf:

auth "localhost" {
    hosts: "localhost,, stdin"               
    default: "<localhost>"                             

#from localhost - full access.

auth "bignet" {
    hosts: "*,,"
    default: defaultuser                               

# from this nets - read-only access for all.

auth "writeble" {                                      
     hosts: "net_class_C1/24, net_class_C2/24"
    auth: "ckpasswd -d /usr/local/news/db/newsusers"   
    default: defaultuser                               

# if user/password from db specidied - grand access.

access "localhost" {
    users: "<localhost>"                    
    newsgroups: "*"                         
    access: RPA                             
access "bignet" {                           
    users: "*"                              
    read: "*"                               
access "writeble" {                         
    users: "user1, user2, user3, user4"
    newsgroups: "*"                         

all ok, but i can't post local message using inews -h file.
Permission denied. What's wrong?
Best regards,
 adminmails                          mailto:adminmails at

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