Odd Error Messages from expireover

Matthew C. Aycock matt at mathcs.emory.edu
Fri Nov 30 14:56:58 UTC 2001

I am running 10/12/2001 inn-current on Solaris 8. I am using buffindexed 
overview and cnfs for message store. Lately I have been seeing this message
in the logs:

Nov 29 04:58:02 finch expireover[21660]: [ID 188097 news.error] buffindexed: 
ovgroupmmap ovbuff is null(ovindex is 14640, ovblock is 858797619
Nov 29 04:58:02 finch expireover[21660]: [ID 260700 news.error] buffindexed: 
could not open overview for 'rec.aviation.student'

Is there anyway to fix this without rebuilding all of the overview? Is this
a hint that I might have bigger problems?


Matthew C. Aycock
Operating Systems Analyst/Developer, Lead
Dept Math/CS
Emory University, Atlanta, GA 
Internet:  matt at mathcs.emory.edu 		

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