creation of new groups and how innfeed works

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Fri Nov 30 15:19:23 UTC 2001


Just want to get a clearer explanation of what is going on.  Here is some

We have a program which basically submits a control.newgroup  article to
our main server and that gets to our mirrors and create the groups..

There is a minute delay and then there is Welcome article posted on the
main server which then goes to our mirrors - sometimes the feed works and
sometimes it doesn't.

What I notice when it fails, is that when one post adds articles to the
newgroup that didn't succeed with the first article.  It fails with those
new articles as well.  All posts stay on the main server until  I recycle
innd.  The news.notices log do mention that there are missing articles. I
do not have any error messages in the other logs.

This is not a big service.  There are over 730 newsgroups.  About 400 - 600
articles are posted daily and they are fed to 3 mirrors,
Get an average of  6 groups created a week.

I have heard that the active file gets locked could this be related?

This was mentioned to me as well in an earlier append

The reason is likely that control messages are handled by an external
process which then has to tell INN to reload its newsfeeds file and
re-evaluate which of its peers get which articles.  The best approach is
just to code in the delay, I think.

Russ Allbery (rra at             <>

Thanks for your help,


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