small optimization for history writes

Miquel van Smoorenburg list-inn-workers at
Fri Nov 30 16:39:33 UTC 2001

In article <200111301610.fAUGAC4T004063 at>,
Forrest J. Cavalier III <mibsoft at> wrote:
>How does this patch work?  It looks like offset will
>be uninitialized for the use later in the function....
>    r = hisv6_writedbz(h, hash, offset);

You're right, I must be going blind or something .. better reverse
that patch on my server.

>Did you leave something out?

No but I wasn't sure this was quite right so I posted it here instead
of in -patches, seems like that was a good idea.

Now there are two ways to fix it, either by keeping an offset
variable in struct hisv6, or by fixing glibc .. I'll have to
think about that.


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