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| Hi all,
| Perhaps this question should be asked at a MS site,
| apologies if this offends anyone. *grin*

's'okay, offends everyone ;-)

| The question is about inn and its use with Microsoft
| Exchange server. What configuration changes, if any,
| would one need to apply to the MS exchange box/inn
| server to allow Exchange server to receive mail from
| inn. Currently, we have a problem when inn greets
| Exchange server; (similar to the helo-smtp greeting)
| Exchange doesnt understand inn original greeting.

If exchange accepts standard smtp mail connections it should take mail
from INN, assuming you use any standard news to mail program, or the
mail generated by news-daily.

If exchange can't speak RFC standard mail protocols you are on your own,
but I exchange with people who have to use that, and it seems to work.

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