post with INN

christophe.j christophe.j at
Wed Sep 5 11:52:26 UTC 2001


I am new on the list.
I hold has to excuse me for my English, I am French.

I work on a programme for read and post news.
I will need for this program to make a test which consists to post a message
directly with INN without passing by a software customer.

INN is configured for post the messages with innfeed and functions normally.
I use version INN 2.2.2 install originaly with the version Red Hat 6.2

Here how I have to proceed:

I have create a file which I have to place in the repertory
articles/fr/test, I named it 123456789 for not interfere with the value of
the active file. All the heading is correct, I given to him the message ID
<toto at>
According to my documentation, it is now necessary to add a line in the file

It is where is the problem, I don't know the syntax exact of the line to add
and I am not sure that it is the good file.

I tested " fr/test/123456789 <toto at>" or
"<toto at> fr/test/123456789" but that does not go.

Can you help me, thank you


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