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Tue Sep 11 09:22:39 UTC 2001

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}  cc!\
}          :!*\
}          :Tp:/usr/local/bin/

There is no 'W' item, and this means no data will be written.
'Wn' should be needed.  This will write token of the article
to STDIN.  And there is no parameter which write whole article

} is a perl script, in which I trying to read from STDIN using
}  such construction :
}  while (<STDIN>) {
}  	<do_something>
}  }
}  But I don't receive any line from STDIN in my perl script. Is that a normal
}  behavior of a program feed or there are may be some problems in my 
}  newsfeeds/script ?

You need to pass token to sm to retrieve whole article.
So, that script should be like something like this.

while(<>) {
 open(ART, "pathbin/sm $_ |");

Katsuhiro Kondou

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