I just can't get rid of these crazy numbers in my active file

Eric McDonald ericm at rain.org
Wed Sep 12 22:56:26 UTC 2001


I've finally updated to INN-2.3.1 on my Sparc Linux box.  I was hoping it
would fix the problem.

Started from scratch with no overview, clean CNFS spools, and no history.
Spent four hours moving everything into the /usr/local/news realm from the
rpm Linux package which lived all over the regular system tree.

I manually went in and fixed the active file for some of the newsgroups that
had ludicrous values in the past including:

alt.sysadmin.recovery 000000001 0000000002 y

But as soon as the first message came in from my feeds to the group it went
right back to my original problem:

alt.sysadmin.recovery 2147483647 0000000002 y

Magically 2147483648 happens to be 2^31 and frequently I'm
getting -2147483647 numbers as well so we're working with signed values
under a 2^32 system.

So... What gives?  Is this some kind of overflow bug in the source code?
Assuming an unsigned but being give the signed treatment?

Once this happens the group is permamently offline for most readers that
don't understand this strange hi/low mark.

Eric McDonald
Systems Admin, RAIN

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