INN binaries for solaris 7

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Thu Sep 13 01:58:39 UTC 2001

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the reply.  I have successfully compiled and started the INN
daemons.  The compilation issue turned out to be a problem of the OS, anyway, I
have already solved it.  As for the missing file, it was because
I have forgotton to run ./configure first.  Sorry.

Now, I have a question on setting passwords.  I have edited my readers.conf to
be :

auth "passwords" {
     auth: "ckpasswd -f   /usr/local/news/db/passwd"

access "passwords" {
     user: "hello"
     newsgroup : "*"
     access : "Read Post"

Then I created a text file "pass" with the words "testing" in it and applied the
crypt comand to it.
news%crypt key<pass> passwd
The passwd file was created.  Then I de-encoded it to make sure that it is
news%crypt key<passwd > out
File "out" now contains my original password "testing", showing that the whole
thing seems to be working.
Next, I edited the passwd file so that it looks like this :

So, now I re-started INN server and try to log into my INN server (on solaris 7)
from my win98 PC using Microsoft Outlook Express 2000 and use "hello" as the
user_name and "testing" as the password.  But I just could not authenicate
successfully!  Not sure why, please advice.

Also, is "ckpasswd" a separated binary file that is distributed together with
the source files or is it something built into nnrpd?

Thanks .

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On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Hongcheang.Quek at wrote:

> I have been having problems with the compilation of INN 2.32 on my solaris 7
> workstation.  Is there anywhere that I can get the binaries for Solaris 7?

I suppose someone might send them to you...

If you tell us what problems you are having, we will help you with them.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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