forwarding email to inn

Bill Tangren bjt at
Mon Sep 17 13:23:46 UTC 2001

> In article <3BA35A0B.17562.10401D06 at localhost>,
> 	"Bill Tangren" <bjt at> wrote;
> } > } inews failed: Warning What server? -- Article will be spooled.
> } > 
> } > This tells server in inn.conf is unset.
> :
> } I'm sorry. I don't understand. The innd server is running. I can post 
> } messages to it, and then read them. 
> Examine 'server' parameter in inn.conf file which should
> be located under '/usr/local/news/etc' unless you specified 
> with '--prefix=' at configure phase.
> -- 
> Katsuhiro Kondou

I looked at inn.conf and saw that 'server' was unset. I read the man pages 
and looked at all examples I had, and none told me what to set it to. I 
made up a name. I restarted the server, and got this error message:

inews failed: Warning Can't connect to server -- Article will be spooled.

I then changed the name to innd, thinking that was the name of the daemon, but the error 
message was the same. Could someone tell me how I am to determine what to enter for 
'server' in inn.conf?


Bill Tangren

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