forwarding email to inn

Bill Tangren bjt at
Mon Sep 17 14:31:21 UTC 2001

> In article <3BA5C122.23873.19A2FFD7 at localhost>,
> 	"Bill Tangren" <bjt at> wrote;
> } I then changed the name to innd, thinking that was the name of the daemon, but the error 
> } message was the same. Could someone tell me how I am to determine what to enter for 
> } 'server' in inn.conf?
> That name is used to determine where the article is
> passed.  This should be 'localhost' in most case,
> and it works for you also.
> -- 
> Katsuhiro Kondou

I used 'localhost' and '' my fully qualified domain name. 
When I use this, I get:

inews failed: Can't send article to the server: 	441 437 Unwanted distribution "local" 
(Article not posted.)

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