getlist question

Froilan Mendoza froilanmendoza at
Wed Sep 19 00:31:00 UTC 2001


I am trying to get feeds from a remote NNTP server. I have followed the
steps in INSTALL but got stuck in getlist:

getlist -h ap.* > active
Can't retrieve data, No such file or directory

I know that there are articles with the said string since I have another
Redhat box accessing the same news server and getting the articles fine.

Relatedly (I surmise), if I do a a startinnfeed:

bash-2.04$ startinnfeed 
Tue Sep 18 17:11:05 2001 innfeed: loading /usr/local/news/etc/innfeed.conf

... my log says it times out:
Sep 18 16:15:22 osage innfeed[1285]: final seconds 300
offered 0 accepted 0 refused 0 rejected 0 missing 0 accsize 0 rejsize 0
spooled 0 on_close 0 unspooled 0 deferred 0/0.0 requeued 0 queue
Sep 18 16:15:22 osage innfeed[1285]: spooling no active
Sep 18 16:15:53 osage innfeed[1285]: connected
Sep 18 16:15:53 osage innfeed[1285]: remote MODE STREAM

I can read the test groups that I have created no problem but I want to
"get" the articles from the remote NNTP server.

Many thanks

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