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Shena Delian O'Brien shena at
Tue Sep 18 21:46:58 UTC 2001

Hi -

I'm new at this, and the documentation is profuse and thus a bit
overwhelming. Not to say I haven't spent hours reading man pages and
whatnot... still... having a bit of trouble setting up feeds.

Here's the deal: we have two servers using inn 2.3.2, new installations.
These servers need to exactly mirror each other... i.e. people can post to
either and it shows up on both. That make sense? :) These are only local
groups... not USENET groups. (the servers don't carry usenet and aren't
going to)

How do I set this up with inn? Which files do I edit and what would be the
best way to do so?

Thanks. I got this far... they work fine standalone... now we just need to
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