cycbuffs and expire

Alan Shackelford alan_s at
Mon Sep 24 05:47:35 UTC 2001

   I am preparing to build a new INND server, and am trying to improve it 
over the system it is replacing. The old system doesn't seem to keep 
articles very long, no matter what I do to the expire configs. I think this 
is because we dont have very much storage on the machine, and the articles 
are in an array of cycbuffs. I think I have read that cycbuffs have a 
"fifo" quality that lets the articles fall into the bit bucket when the 
cycbuff gets full, oldest articles first.
   So, my question is, couldn't an admin carefully construct a group of 
cycbuffs and place the article hierarchies within them in such a way that 
the entire expire process could be bypassed? If so, what becomes of the 
overview expire routine? Thanks, and best regards to all.
   Alan Shackelford

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